October 22nd, 2021 - Doral, Florida

Published October 22nd, 2021

Two Doral, Florida police officers, one of whom was wearing a ballistic-resistant vest, are recovering after being shot Friday morning. According to police, at approximately 11 am, two men were involved in an argument which resulted in one of the men chasing the other in their vehicles. The man lost control of his car and crashed into a tree, which was witnessed by Doral officers in the area on patrol. As the officers approached the crash scene, the operator got out of the vehicle and opened fire on police without warning or provocation. One officer was grazed on his cheek by either glass or shrapnel, and a second officer, who was wearing a ballistic-resistant vest, was struck three times in the chest, arm and leg. In the exchange of gunfire between the suspect and police, the suspect was shot and killed. The two injured officers were transported to local hospitals, where they continue to be treated for their injuries.