August 23rd, 2021 - Anchor Point, Alaska

Published August 23rd, 2021

An Alaska State Trooper was shot multiple times, including several times in his ballistic-resistant vest, while attempting to arrest an individual on an outstanding arrest warrant. At approximately 1 pm on Monday, an Alaska State Trooper attempted to arrest a 60-year-old suspect wanted on an arrest warrant for several misdemeanor charges. As the Trooper approached the suspect, the suspect drew a pistol and opened fire on the Trooper, striking him several times, including on his ballistic-resistant vest and his upper left arm. The suspect fled the area, and when other Troopers arrived, the injured trooper was airlifted to a hospital for surgery on his injured arm and treatment of a broken rib resulting from the impact on the ballistic-resistant vest. He is expected to recover from his wounds. The suspect was located the next morning in a wooded area near his home and was arrested. In addition to the outstanding charges from the warrant, he faces additional assault and attempted murder charges for Monday's incident.