The Criminal Justice Testing and Evaluation Consortium (CJTEC) is a program of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), which uses research-based methodologies to enhance the capabilities of law enforcement, courts, and corrections agencies. 


Testing and Evaluation

CJTEC conducts testing and evaluation activities to produce objective, performance-related information about the technologies and practices that criminal justice agencies use. The evaluations include testing in laboratories and environments similar to the real world, comparative evaluations, evaluations in collaboration with practitioner agency deployments, and technology landscape assessments.

Compliance Testing Program

CJTEC administers the NIJ Compliance Testing Program. Administration activities include coordinating initial compliance testing with independent testing laboratories, making recommendations to NIJ regarding compliance of products submitted to the program, and performing ongoing follow-up inspections.

Technology Foraging

CJTEC monitors trends and developments related to technologies, products, and practices in areas of interest to criminal justice. CJTEC researchers use horizon scanning and market research techniques to identify, evaluate, and compare solutions for specific criminal justice needs.

Equipment Standards

CJTEC supports the development, validation, and maintenance of criminal justice equipment standards.

Recent Report

Landscape Study of Field-Portable DUID Screening Products