September 21st, 2021 - Littleton, Colorado

Published September 21st, 2021

A Littleton, CO police officer was shot multiple times, including several times in his ballistic-resistant vest, while investigating a report of shots fired from a vehicle. Shortly after midnight on Tuesday, Littleton officers were dispatched to respond to a report of shots fired from a vehicle. Upon arrival, officers located a possible suspect vehicle and as officers approached the vehicle, both occupants of the vehicle fled on foot. As one of the fleeing suspects entered an apartment building, he turned and opened fire on the officers, striking one of them multiple times. According to Littleton Police Chief Doug Stephens, the officer was wearing ballistic-resistant body armor and was shot “more than three” times.

“We believe he received a few shots to his torso, which were absorbed by the body armor, and he received wounds to his extremities, his legs and arm, and possibly one up above his vest, on his chest,” Stephens said. The officer was transported to a local hospital, where he underwent surgery for his injuries, and is continuing to recover there. Both the shooter and the other occupant of the vehicle fled the scene and remain at large.